Welcome! Let’s kick off by discussing what to do when healing seems too overwhelming!

Welcome to Back On Track Healing Services. My name is Daniela D.L. Spiteri and I envision a world where everybody, no matter their gender, race or socioeconomic status can access their innate healing abilities. Currently, I’m working towards this goal by offering regular Meditation sessions, hosting informative speaking events/webinars and facilitating support groups and the following courses;

  • Basic Meditation
  • Meditation & Self Development
  • Teenage Meditation
  • Seniors Discovery
  • Stress Management (for families or in the workplace)

(I will continue to offer scholarship spots in the above courses for those who genuinely need it)

My dream is to expand my small business to a large organisation which provides affordable and genuine support for those wishing to access natural therapies which improve and deepen ones quality of life.

Everyone gets knocked off track sometimes. Whether it be due to chronic illness, addiction, toxic relationships with partners, colleagues or family & friends; we all deserve a helping hand to nudge us back on track.

With that said, where do we begin? We’ve been ‘through the wringer’. We’ve experienced deep pain (emotional and/or physical) and we know we need to make a change. The coping mechanisms we used to rely on have outgrown us but handling the ‘baggage’ feels a bit too heavy for us to bare right now… and it is – if we carry it alone. This is when we need to go back to basics, and here’s how;-

  1. Reach out for help. Many studies have suggested that as we’re social creatures, validation and support from our social group is imperative for us to thrive in life. However in some cases, our conditioning (a system of beliefs we took upon ourselves to adopt unconsciously as children, under the influence of our main care givers) can often result in us believing that we’re unworthy for help and in many situations this is why some may find it near impossible to reach out to their loved ones or trained mental health professionals. In other situations, there may not be a group of trustworthy people to reach out to. If either of theses are the case… and it’s too hard still;
  2. Find opportunities to connect with people in environments which you know will contribute to your well-being. You may find these people in the following places: Gyms, Community Centres, Youth Groups, Parent groups, Playgroups, some Churches or faith groups, Sports clubs… and if that’s not yet possible;
  3. Use the natural world to help ground you! When endless negative thought patterns seem to stir in your head, dropping back into your body and the world around you is a simple yet effective tool. Take off your shoes and step onto the ground. This could be anywhere; the beach, the park, or your own backyard! Bring your attention to the soles of your feet. How do they feel? As your feet find their balance on the ground beneath, how do you feel knowing that the ground is here to support you? Find subtle moments to connect with the natural world as you sway gently, with ease. Soften your joints – ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and neck. Then bring your attention to what you see. Look around, with ease. This is where you are. Here, in this moment. From out of your head and into the natural world around you. Take a moment to appreciate what you see. As you sway gently, so too do the leaves which hang from the branches of the trees. Take a moment to consider which natural element supports the leaves to sway, gently. Now you can bring your attention to your other senses. What do you smell? Home-cooking from a house nearby? The scent of a freshly mowed lawn? The sea-breeze? Consider the process of nature making it’s way into your experience. What can you hear? The song of birds? Splashing waves? Children playing?

    Allow yourself to drop in and out of your sense perception and consider your part in the natural world. Remember that you, too go through the motions, for you are a part of the ebb & flow of the natural world. You belong and you’re precisely where you need to be.

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Be well,